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Completely and Without Pause (2019) — Zine Published by Jen Shear

Completely and Without Pause (2019) — Zine Published by Jen Shear

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In partnership with our Jen Shear for Nu Swim collaboration, we are offering small collection of zines and ephemera by Shear.  

Jennifer Shear (b. 1987, Taipei) is an inter-disciplinary artist using collage and self-publishing as her primary medium. Her works, in reference to the “image search”, explore visual culture, social commentary, and personal experience.

Shear is currently based in Los Angeles and has shown nationally and abroad. She’s exhibited with Mascot Studio, Anytime Dept., Interstate Projects, Commune, Yale Union, Low Rence, and Ladybug House. She’s also curated for NIAD Art Center, and collaborated with No School, 356 Mission, and The Classroom at the LA Art Book Fair.

"This publication attempts to do three things a) move resources to Roots of Labor Birth Collective and Black Women Birthing Justice, two birthing justice organizations in the Bay Area b) center the voices and experiences of black women, women of color, and trans and nonbinary folks of color, and the collective urgency of dismantling white systems of oppression and c) bring a myriad of people together to share ideas about healing, power, and liberation." - Jennie Goldfarb.

With contributions from: Amara Abdal Figueroa, Ambar Gonzalez, B. Ingrid Olson, Celia Lesh, Colleen Billing, Elissa Osterland, Evelyn Carmack, Ellie Tumbuan, Jaclyn Tobia, Jennie Goldfarb, Jenifer Guillén, Jennifer Shear, Jess St. Louis, Jessica Rae Elsaesser, Karacleles Peña, Khaleya Hart, Linda Jones, Mai, Makayla Bailey, Millie Kapp, Nan Collymore, Nicole Leopardo, Nora Slade, Owyn Ruck, Pou Dimitrijevich, Prince Bush, Rebecca Orozco, Shay Australia, Sylvie Hayes-Wallace, and Zoé Samudzi. 

Printed by Print Experimentation Area.

Softcover, 60 pages, perfect bound, 6 inches x 9.125 inches, English, 2019. 

Second Printing.

100% of the proceeds from this project go to Roots of Labor Birth Collective & Black Women Birthing Justice. 

Published in 2019; Edited by Jennie Goldfarb; Design by Jen Shear