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Jaim One Piece – Violet Phantom by Maja Ruznic

$ 270.00

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Nu Swim is excited to release a collaborative swimsuit with acclaimed artist and friend,
 Maja Ruznic.


We are so happy to announce that 20% of the proceeds from the sale of this swimsuit will be donated to
The Center for Youth Wellness.  Maja is super passionate about what this organization does, as it so connected to what she addresses in her work - inter-generational trauma and how its effects play out in people's bodies.
Read about Maja and the piece below.


78% Recycled Polyamide, 22% Elastane
Fully Lined
2-Way Stretch
Fabric Weight: 190 Grams
Fabric Origin: Northern Italy

Fabric was printed by digital sublimation in Virginia, USA.
The Jaim One Piece is designed and manufactured in California.

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Maja Ruznic was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1983. Ruznic immigrated to the United States with her family in 1995, settling on the West Coast where she eventually went on to study at the University of California, Berkeley, later receiving an MFA from the California College of Arts.  Ruznic’s often-quoted biography – a refugee who escaped the Bosnian War – is only the beginning of her journey. Ruznic’s vivid paintings speak for themselves, depicting figures that seem to emerge from the caverns of human history, from within their own supports, and somehow from within the viewer’s own recollections. Maja is a prolific and active artist, is primarily a painter, a storyteller who conjures form and narrative from ground up mineral, smeared oil, and stained canvas.

Maja and Gina, the owner of Nu Swim, met in 2010 and instantly grew a beautiful sister-like friendship.  When they are together, you will most likely find them alone in the corner freaking out over color palettes.  We have wanted to work with Maja since we started Nu Swim and are so glad we are finally making it happen.


About Violet Phantom:

"I made this painting during a two-month residency in Lehon, France during the summer of 2017.  I was among four other artists with whom I shared a studio, which was located in an old church, in a room where we were told monks hung out.  The experience was transformative and provided me with the time and space to slow down and fully take in my environment.  The house in which we lived sat next to a river, along which I walked every day.  Instead of an alarm, I woke up to the sound of singing birds. 


"My walks along the river influenced the entire body of work I made during the residency.   Lehon is full of trees and lush plants, so naturally, my palette shifted to the colors I was surrounded by.  The bright, saturated palette I used consistently in Los Angeles, did not feel appropriate for this slower pace of life.  I spent a lot of time looking at patterns made by leaves and waves in the water, and was intrigued by the subtle shifts in tone that nature does so well.  As a result, the paintings become more about landscape.  The figures disappeared and the work became less psychological, a characteristic usually found in my paintings.  Prior to arriving to Lehon, I spent a week in Sarajevo, Bosnia—where I had a solo show.  Sarajevo, still marked by the visual reminders of the war, which ended nearly two decades ago, was in stark contrast to the calm to which I arrived in France.  Overwhelmed by the psychological scars of Bosnia, I regarded Lehon as a kind of temporary refuge."