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Leaves and Flowers — Flower Sun Tea

Special collaboration with our brilliant friends from Leaves & Flowers.

Anna and Emily helped develop a beautiful Sun Tea for us in 2017.  We had several meetings and tastings throughout the spring, and they knew exactly what to do when it needed a little bit more of this or that.  
The final result is a bright, summery reflection of our two brands combined.  

Tea is sold in 1 oz. rice paper pouches.

Ingredients and Info –

All ingredients were grown in Northern California and chosen for their beauty and potency. 


Bergamot Flower (aka Bee Balm) – Cools heat and inflammation. A calming herb for the nerves. 
Rose – Soothing. Heart opening. Mildly astringent and cooling to the body.
Sage – Eases heat and dryness in the body. Regulates body temperature.
Tarragon – Rich in vitamins and minerals. Has a calming affect. Can help relieve anxiety. 
Thyme – Improves feelings of well being. 


Brewing Recommendation:
Measure 1T tea in 16 oz water
Infuse with sunlight for 1-4 hours
Strain and serve over ice
Also great overnight

*We are so sorry, but we cannot offer sales of this product outside of the US at this time.